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Areas of Practice

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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Over the course of our personal injury and wrongful death practice, Boss & Vitou has recovered millions of dollars for our injured and bereaved clients while at the same time shouldering the burden of navigating a complex legal system in a time of great need.

Boss & Vitou will represent you or your loved one in any injury case resulting from another’s negligence, including motor vehicle and traffic accidents, equipment failures, or industrial accidents.  We will handle your claim from beginning to end, acting as your advocate through all stages of the legal process.  Our attorneys will document the claim, speak with doctors and hospitals on your behalf, deal with insurance companies, and manage probate matters (including setting up guardianships and estate management).

No matter the size of your claim, trust Boss & Vitou to represent you and your family with expertise, dignity, and respect during this most difficult of times.

Criminal Defense

Our attorneys at Boss & Vitou have the expertise, integrity, knowledge and nerve necessary for successful navigation of the criminal defense field.  We are equipped to handle the most serious felonies as well as the lowest-grade misdemeanors.  We have experience representing clients in both the state and federal court systems, and we will accompany you through the entire process, providing expert legal practice even in the face of a lengthy criminal trial.

DUI & Traffic Violations

As DUIs and OVIs (Operating a Vehicle while Impaired) become more complicated and require more sophisticated legal representation, they require great attention from the defense counsel.  Boss & Vitou has adapted to offer the most comprehensive representation for DUI charges and other traffic violations.  With experience in nearly all of Northwest Ohio’s suburban municipal courts, our attorneys will assist you in navigating these complicated circumstances.

Insurance Law

If you are denied coverage under your own insurance policy—whether it be medical, homeowner’s, disability, or auto—you can rely on Boss & Vitou to be your advocate.  We will ensure that you are treated fairly under the terms of your policy.  In the event of a personal injury or wrongful death case with an under-insured or uninsured responsible party, we will help injured or bereaved clients navigate insurance claims.

Trial Practice Litigation

Our attorneys have had extensive practice arguing civil and criminal cases in both judge and jury trials.  Our intimate knowledge of the trial process allows us to craft a case to achieve the desired outcome at trial.  We have great professional experience in retaining and working with experts, performing cross-examination, and arguing information persuasively and effectively in court.  Our attorneys do not underestimate the potentially lengthy undertaking that is trial practice, and Boss & Vitou will see your case through to its end.

Wills & Probate

Boss & Vitou can assist you with all your estate planning needs.  Our attorneys are happy to help you write a will, draft a power of attorney, create a living will, or design a trust.  In the event that you have lost a loved one, we can share the burden of the estate executor and help manage family affairs during your time of bereavement.  Finally, we are expertly qualified to manage injured and/or bereaved clients’ probate documents in conjunction with a personal injury or wrongful death case.

Business & Real Estate

Alongside our specialized areas of expertise, the attorneys at Boss & Vitou are pleased to offer legal counsel in business and real estate matters.  We can assist you in the formation of both foreign and domestic corporations, and we offer services to small businesses, as well.  Additionally, our attorneys are trained in consumer law matters.  Finally, we will work with you in real estate transactions whether you are on the buying or selling end of the exchange.